It was Marcel Proust who wrote “Remembrance of things
past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they
were.” Each day I wake up, I am reminded that I remember
less and less about the day before and the events that chronicle
my life. Some events not worth remembering, I struggle to forget.
Most of the time, these linger on the longest and continue to lie
heaviest on my heart. Those episodes that have relevance to my
life and have helped to shape me as a person, I want to remember
forever. The only sure way I have of capturing it all and sorting
through the maze is to put these memories in words as I
remember them; thus, my primary purpose for writing this book.

Like memory, these recollections, expressed in vignettes and
narratives, are not presented chronologically, but as I remember
them. They are fragments of my life experiences, and my journey
from girlhood to womanhood. Some are being revealed openly
for the first time. My intention is to present each incident as
truthfully as I can, but my imagination has taken hold of some
and helped to shape them so now I scarcely know where truth
ends and fiction begins.

Bursting Through the Clouds has been a therapeutic process for
me. I find relief knowing I have had my say. I pray that God will
continue to fill me with fresh memories and continue to preserve
my memory as I age. And, if I am faced with a few more that are
not so sweet, then let them come. I will continue to meet the
challenges knowing that I have fought the good fight. I thank
God for providing the resources to pen my life’s experiences for
my family and other readers benefit and enjoyment—my
secondary reason for writing this book.

This is the beginning of my journey through life, and I invite
you, the reader, to come on the journey with me.